IEA:n (International Energy Agency) DHC-kysely

IEAn CASCADE-projekti kaipaa myös suomalaisten näkemyksiä tutkimukseensa. Hienoa, jos ehditte vastaamaan tähän IEA:n lyhyeen kyselyyn.

Lisätietoja tutkimuksesta ja kyselystä:  

In the frame of of IEA DHC project CASCADE we have organised the questionnaire. The aim of this project is to analyse option to integrate low temperature DH network into existing high temperature DH network.  We have sent this questionnaire to our network contacts and to publicly available addresses of district heating companies and district heating experts in IEA member countries. Both opinion of experts from academia and from industry is important.

This questionnaire aims to identify the main barriers and drivers of energy cascade solutions in district heating systems. Results of survey will be processed and used for the project report and related scientific papers.

Link to questionnaire  https://energieinstitut-linz.typeform.com/to/EGVbu2zU

Questionnaire is in English and  will take 5-10 minutes.

We would be thankful, if you could participate by yourself and forward this questionnaire to the district heating experts in Finland.