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Caligo Industria takes heating plants a step closer to cleaner and more efficient energy production

“The products have not only an economic benefit but also an ecological significance for Caligo customers – they reduce particulate emissions and utilize waste heat efficiently” Juha Järvenreuna Managing Director of Caligo Industria Oy

Caligo Industria Oy supplies flue gas scrubbers enhanced with heat pump technology for the energy industry. The flue gas scrubber combined with an industrial heat pump system enables more efficient heat transfer and reduces fuel use.

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A few years ago, Vapo Oy’s Sotkamo power plant explored many options as to how flue gas heat could be recovered and transferred to the district heating network as efficiently as possible. The Finnish company Caligo Industria’s heat pump and flue gas scrubber was competitively priced and no comparable product was available on the market.

“Economically, the energy savings have been considerable.”

“Economically, the energy savings have been considerable. We have gained more energy, saved fuels and reduced air emissions. Particulate emissions have dropped by 80 to 90 percent. We wanted to continue with Caligo when we considered our next investment. Another flue gas scrubber was purchased for our Vekarajärvi plant and we discussed its concept together with Caligo,” says Mike Laukkanen, Vapo Oy’s Head of Production. 

Patented heat pump connection

 Caligo Industria’s products and system solutions are used for cleaning energy and process industry flue gases as well as waste heat recovery from the process. The Caligo flue gas scrubber and patented heat pump connection is an effective heat recovery solution and saves up to 35 percent of annual fuel costs.

When the district heat return temperature is very high, the heat recovery of the traditional flue gas scrubber is poor. The Caligo system ensures the best heat recovery even under these conditions.

Paimio Lämpökeskus Oy, owned by the Paimio municipality in Southwest Finland, also has a Caligo flue gas scrubber with a heat pump purchased and commissioned by the district heating company in 2017. It purifies flue gases from a hot water boiler burning wood chips and sawdust. The heat energy contained in the flue gases is also recovered.

“Caligo’s solution is really high quality. There are no other heat pump scrubber suppliers in Finland other than Caligo. Its benefits are both economic and environmental. After the payback period, the scrubber produces pure profit and scrubber condensate treatment is very advanced, so good for the nature,” says Pekka Vihervuori, Managing Director of Paimio Lämpökeskus.

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Paimion Lämpökeskus (left) and Alajärven Lämpö (right) both use Caligo’s scrubber and heat pump system.

“Particulate emissions have decreased by 80-90 percent.”

Alajärven Lämpö Oy has also been running Caligo’s scrubber and heat pump system since 2016.

“We wanted to control the flue gas air emissions and at the same time recover flue gas waste heat. Particulate emissions have decreased by 80-90 percent and the cleaning of flue gases has improved our public image. Economically, energy recovery will repay the initial investment,” explains Kari Pesu, Managing Director of Alajärven Lämpö Oy.

The world’s largest heating company chose Caligo

Caligo’s products offer both ecological and economic benefits to the customer. The customer recovers heat from the existing raw materials and the recovered energy is returned to the district heating network for reuse.

Caligo’s advanced flue gas scrubber system has also raised interest abroad.

A Caligo supplied flue gas scrubber was installed in May 2018 for the largest heating company in the world, the Dalkia Groupe EDF, France.

“We signed an agreement with Caligo for the delivery and installation of a heat pump and flue gas scrubber system. We wanted to utilize the condensate energy of biomass flue gas. Caligo delivered the hardware according to schedule in May. The installation was carried out by them and in accordance with safety requirements – we are satisfied, “says Sophie Fischér, project manager for Dalkian Joué-lès-Tours project.

It is part of a construction project for a complete French power plant. The new power plant will be commissioned during the coming winter. The Joué-lès-Tours project’s flue gas scrubber is Caligo’s first export delivery and an important step towards internationalization.

“Caligo was able to adapt to the French administrative constraints associated with the preparatory phase of the plant as well as the challenges of the design phase. The facility of Joué-lès-Tours will be commissioned in November this year and then we will see the effect of Caligo’s flue gas scrubber system on the performance of the plant. We appreciate Caligo’s expertise in this area.”

                                                                                                        Text:Daniela Holm