District heating is a socially responsible service

The roots of district heating are in the concepts of sharing economy. With increasing urbanization, the aim of district heating has been in securing a reliable heat supply for residents connected to the local district heating network. Production and distribution of heat is focused on efficient systems to serve whole communities. This has led district heat to become the most popular heating service in Finland.

Nowadays, district heating companies supply millions of Finnish homes with heating, and within some urban areas, district heating covers more than 90 percent of homes. Moreover, district heating companies offer a competitive and a reliable energy infrastructure for the local industries.

District heat production is environmentally friendly and makes the most of the circular economy

From the initial stages of development, district heat has utilized the possibilities of the circular economy, including various waste heat sources as well as combined heat and power production. Moreover, district heat networks enable bidirectional distribution of heat from other heat producers, and through this, strengthen the energy sector integration.

The use of renewable energy sources is constantly increasing and district heating companies make significant annual investments in carbon neutral heat production, energy efficiency improvements and emissions reduction.

District heating has a significant impact on the viability of the regions

The effect the companies have on direct and indirect employment is significant for the regions. Within the 15 provinces of Finland, the share of domestic energy sources utilized in district heating is more than 95%, and most of these sources are being produced nearby.

Competitive heating energy, reliable infrastructure, and attentive companies producing district heat increase the attractiveneness and self-sufficiency of Finnish regions.

District heating operators are also responsible for strengthening Finland’s competitiveness. Technological solutions for district heating developed in Finland are highly valued around the world. Our expertise has now been exported abroad for decades.

District heat is the enabler of energy revolution towards carbon neutrality

The energy sector is in the forefront of the positive revolution. Climate change mitigation, emerging technologies, digitalization and the increasing awareness of customers are setting the demands for the industry to develop and go forth. District heating operators have already achieved a lot, and steps towards greener future are being taken every day.