Why district heat?

District heating is the most popular heating solution in Finland. More than two thirds of new buildings select district heating every year. Let us tell you why!

District heating serves a building throughout its lifecycle

Experts of district heating companies handle the planning, procurement and commissioning phases of a district heat installation. Moreover, they provide continuous maintenance and repair of their heating services. Each heating service is planned for the life cycle of property and the solutions offered are always based on the latest factual data.

District heating is environmentally friendly

Approximately 70% of municipalities and cities in Finland produce district heating with renewable energy sources and waste heat. More than two thirds of the district heating energy sources are domestic. The use of renewable energy sources is constantly increasing and district heating companies make significant investments each year to increase carbon neutral heat production. With these investments, whole cities and urban areas can make a positive energy transformation towards carbon neutrality.

District heating is safe, easy and carefree

The district heating companies are responsible for the required heat production. Local district heating networks are monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, all around the year. This means that heating is comfortable regardless of outside temperature and hot water is always available for the customers.

In Finland the security of supply for district heat is 99.98%.

District heating technology is smart in its simplicity

The property-specific equipment required for district heating is simple, reliable and fits into a small space. The need for technical equipment maintenance is minimal and does not pose an environmental risk as the liquid circulating in the system is simply hot water.

Property values are maintained and costs are kept under control

District heating is an environmentally friendly form of heating: this gives it its high score in the Green Building Council’s BREAAM and LEED classification and certification systems. This high rating is considered as one of the indicators when looking at preserving property values.

When extending or changing the purpose of a property, district heating can be economically and flexibly scaled. No major additional investments to an existing heating solution are needed.